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what language?
speak what language?
What language are they speaking?
know/not know?
Do you know what language they are speaking?
speak Mandarin
Are they speaking Mandarin?
(They) are not.
Shanghai dialect
They're speaking the Shanghai dialect.
know (how)
know how to speak Shanghai dialect
sentence suffix, indicating surprised question
You can speak Shanghai dialect?!
a little, somewhat
sentence suffix, indicating "merely", "only", "that's all"
I know a little, that's all.
Shanghai dialect and Mandarin
he speaks both
he speaks both Shanghai dialect and Mandarin
sentence suffix, matter of fact assertion
He speaks both Shanghai dialect and Mandarin.
English language
Well, do you know English?
can speak a little
can't write
but can't write
I can speak a little, but I can't write.
study, learn
wish to, want to, would like to
would like to learn
would like to learn English
a little, some
would like to learn a little English
I'd like to learn a little English--
how (do you) say?
how is it said in English?
one two three four five
How do you say "one two three four five" in English?
not clear
I didn't hear clearly.
one time, once
say (it) one time
say (it) once again
Would you please...
Would you please say it once more again?