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Baak-chìu, are you ready?
not yet
Not yet.
hour, o'clock
what time?
What time is it?
five after the hour
five after one
It's ...five after one.
sentence suffic "what did you say?"
What time did you say?
five minutes
It's one oh five.
accurate / not accurate?
wristwatch, watch
a watch
your watch
Your watch accurate one? (i.e. Is your watch accurate?)
sentence suffic indicating change from previous condition: "has become"
gotten a bit fast
raised final intonation = a sentence suffix indicating casualness
maybe, or
Maybe it's a little fast. / Or a little fast.
several minutes
wait a few minutes
wait for me a few minutes
again wait for me a few minutes
in addition, also, more
sentence suffix for suggestion -- polite imperative
Well, wait for me a few minutes more, please.
OK, all right, fine
OK, I'll wait for you.
I'm sorry. / It's embarrassing. (used in apologising for social gaffe.)
sentence suffix, expressing certainty
I'm sorry.
It's all right.