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A profession that involves applying scientific and mathematical principles to design, develop and manufacture products and systems.
Plastic deformation
When a force is applied to a material it changes its shape or size permanently, even after the force has been removed.
PCB etching
Removing unwanted conductive material from the surface of a circuit board through a chemical process.
Unit cost
The costs associated with manufacturing each individual product.
Dedicated machines
Machines used specifically for a particular process and nothing else.
Computer Numerically Controlled.
Computer Aided Manufacturing.
Computer Aided Design.
Composite material
A material that is made from two or more constituents (materials) for added strength.
Smart material
A material that can have one or more of its properties changed in a controlled manner by an external stimulus. For example, a material might change colour because of a change in room temperature.
A layer of material deposited on a surface to enhance its properties.
Open wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances.
Sustainable product
A product that has a minimal impact on the environment throughout each stage of its life cycle.
Life cycle
The different stages a product goes through from design to disposal.
The removal of natural resources such as gas, coal and oil from beneath the earth's surface.
Waste management
Collecting, transporting, processing and disposing of waste material.
Potential energy
Energy that results from a body or a mass's position or configuration.
Kinetic energy
Energy created as a result of movement of a body/mass, whether it is vertical or horizontal.