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"I don't have the strength to burn the page."
Aaron Pauley
"Look what they've done to us"
David Escamilla
"Walk into my gas chamber"
Adolf Hitler
"You're pissing me off"
Sherikye Hall
"But I wish I was dead"
Lana Del Rey
"I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet."
Ed Sheeran
"Don't be a dingbat."
Keith Lemon
Luke Cutforth
"I am in love with Elise"
Thomas Carmichael
"Get up, there's no excuses."
Matt Tuck
"After all these years, I'm finally through with you."
Trevor Wentworth
"You call the shots, babe. I just wanna be yours."
Alex Turner
"Carpe diem to the bitter end, I have no regrets."
Josh Franceschi