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be about to
to be going to do something very soon
be back
come back; return
be fed up with
be bored, annoyed, or disappointed, especially by something that you have experienced for too long
break down
stop working
break in (into)
enter a building to steal something
bring up
look after and educate (a child)
bump into
to meet someone you know without planning it
call back
to call someone who called you earlier
call for
to go to a place in order to get someone
carry on
to continue doing something
carry out
to do or complete something, especially something you have been told to do, (eseguire un ordine)
catch up with
to reach the same level as someone or something else (raggiungere, mettersi in pari)
close down
stop working, operating (about a shop or business)
come back
to return to a place
depend on
to be affected by someone or something
fall out
to argue with someone
fall through
not to happen; fail
find out
discover, get information about something
get away
to leave or escape from a place or person; escape
get back
to return to a place after you have been somewhere else
get on with
to have a good relationship with someone (andare d'accordo)
get over
to feel better after being sick or sad (riprendersi da qualcosa)
get rid of
to throw something away (sbarazzarsi di qualcosa)
give back
to give something to the person who gave it to you
go through
to have a difficult or bad situation
knock down
to hit or push someone, especially accidentally, so that he or she falls to the ground (investire, buttare a terra)
let down
to not do something that you promised to do
make up
invent, to say or write something that is not true
make up for
pick up
to learn a new skill or language by practising it, not by studying it
pick up
to go somewhere in order to get someone or something (dare un passaggio, passare a prendere)
pull in
(about a car) move in that direction and stop (fermarsi, accostarsi)
put off
to decide to do something at a later time
put out
to make something that is burning stop burning (spegnere)
run out of
to finish, use, or sell all of something so that there is none left (esaurire, rimanere senza)
send off for
to write to an organization to ask them to send you something
set up
to start a company or organization
slow down
to become slower (rallentare)
take on
to accept a particular job or responsibility (assumere)
take over
to get control of something
turn down
to refuse an offer or request