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Okhissa tiwwi.
Open the door.
Okhissa akvmmi.
Close the door.
Okhissvt tiwa ho?
Is the door open?
Okhissushi tiwwi.
Open the window.
Okhissushi akvmmi.
Close the window.
Chibbak achefa.
Wash your hands.
Svbbak achefa sv bvnna.
I want to wash my hands.
Impvt ia.
Go eat.
Impvt kil ia.
Let's go eat.
Impvt kil ilhkoli. (pl)
Let’s (all) go eat.
Impvt oh ilhkoli.
You (all) go eat.
Impvh chi bvnna?
Do you want to eat?
Keyu, impa sv bvnna kiyo.
No, I do not want to eat.
Impah sv bvnna.
I want to eat.
Ish impa chi.
You will eat.
Nanta vpa chi bvnna?
What do you want to eat?
Chi hohchvffo?
Are you hungry?
Keyu, sv hohchvffoh kiyo.
No, I’m not hungry.
Chi hohchifo yvt nanta?
What is your name?
Sv hohchifo yvt______.
My name is______.
Kucha ya omba hosh hikia.
It is raining outside.
Kucha ya mahli hosh hikia.
It is windy outside.
Kucha hoh ilhkoli.
You (all) go outside.
Ish haklo ho?
Do you hear?/Are you listening?
Sv haklo ho?
Do you hear me?
Chi haklo li.
I hear you.
Nan ish ikhvna ha?
Did you learn anything?
Holisso apisa ish ia ha?
Did you go to school?
Nanta ish ikhvna ha?
What did you learn?
Toksvli chi bvnna?
Do you want to work?
Katimma ish vtta?
Where do you live?
Tvmaha anuka vtta li.
I live in town.
Ilvppvt nanta?
What is this?
Yvmmvt nanta?
What is that?
Il impa chi.
We will eat. or We are going to eat.
Katimma ish ia?
Where are you going?
Chukka ia li.
I’m going home.
Katimma ish ia tuk?
Where did you go?
Chukka ia li tuk.
I went home.
Nowvt kil ilhkoli.
Let’s (all) go walking.
Nowvt ia sv bvnna kiyo.
I do not want to go walking.
Talowvt ish ia ho?
Are you going to sing?
Nanta ho ish pisa?
What are you looking at?
Tvmaha ish ia ho?
Are you going to town?
Keyu, tvmaha ia li kiyo.
No, I’m not going to town.
Iskvli sv bvnna.
I want some money.
Iskvli a sv bvnna.
I need some money.
Iskvli yvt iksvmiksho.
I don't have any money.
Iskvli chi bvnna?
Do you want money?
Iskvli a chi bvnna?
Do you need money?
Hvshi kanvlli nanta?
What time is it?
Hapih ato?
Where's the salt?
Tishi homi ato?
Where the pepper?
Chi lvshpa ho?
Are you hot?
Kaa yvt chi hikia ho?
Do you have a car?
Ish taloa hinla ho?
Can you sing?
Taloa kvt a ponna.
I’m good at singing.
Kucha iah chi bvnna ho?
Do you want to go outside?
Chi nukshopa ho?
Are you scared?
Chahta anumpa ish anumpola hinla ho?
Can you speak Choctaw?
A, Chahta anumpa anumpoli la hinla.
Yes, I can speak Choctaw.
Chahta anumpa ish holissocha hinla ho?
Can you write in Choctaw?
Katomma ish binila chi?
Where will you sit?/...are you going to sit?
Abinili ish ombinili ho?
Are you sitting on a chair?
Towa washohah chi bvnna?
Do you want to play ball?
Chi champoli ho?
Do you like it? (context: tasting or eating)
Anonti chi bvnna moma?
And do you want/need more?
Chi kana sia.
I’m your friend.
A kana chia ho?
Are you my friend?
Chi nukoa ho?
Are you mad?
Keyu, sv nukoah kiyo.
No, I’m not mad.
Chahta chia ho?
Are you Choctaw?
A, Chahta sia.
Yes, I’m Choctaw.
Chi tikabi ho?
Are you tired?
Keyu, sv tikabih kiyo.
No, I’m not tired.