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he heard [s/o, s/th]
he lost [a game..]; lost [his money]; was defeated [in battle..]; he missed out on [s/th good, doing s/th]
he messed up, made a mistake; (+ "عَلى") he wronged, offended, insulted
حِفِظ "ز"
he memorized [a word..]; he kept [s/th important but not valuable (e.g. files, keepsakes)]
لِعِب (بِ)
he played [a game, sport..]; he played (with) [the toy..]; he/it played [a role]
قِبِل *
he accepted [s/o, s/th]; he accepted, honored [checks, credit cards..]; he agreed [to do s/th]
he drank [s/th]; he took [medicine, drugs..]
it dried up; [the liquid] evaporated
حِلِم (فِي/ب)
he dreamed (of,about) [s/o, s/th]
قِدِر *
he could, was able to [do s/th]
نِزِل (عَلى)
he went down (to) [the store..]; [the price, his fever..] dropped, went down; he lost [cert amt of wt.]
ضِحِك (عَلى)
he laughed (at) [s/o, s/th]
لِحِق (فِي) *
he followed [s/o] (in) [his car..]; he went after, chased [s/o, s/th]; he caught [the ball..]; he caught [the bus..]
نِجِح (فِي)
he succeeded, did well (in) [s/th]; [the nation, his business..] prospered
تِعِب (مِن)
he got tired (of) [s/th, doing s/th]; he got fed up (with) [s/o or s/th]
رِكِب (فِي/ب)
he rode (on), took () [the bus, train, plane]
رِجِع (مِن)
he/it returned, came back (from) [his travel, work..]
نِدِم عَلى
he regretted [s/th, that he did s/th]
he understood [s/o or s/th]
to be happy, glad, be gratified (by)(ب) [s/th] *usu for family celebrations esp. weddings; to celebrate {}{من}
To feel sad, get sad; to be in mourning