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How are you? (informal)
How are you? (plural/formal)
éu sint ben
I'm fine
¿es tu?
and you? (singular)
¿es voi?
and you? (plural/formal)
¿Qet'st tu nómina?
What's your name? (informal)
¿Qet'st voastra nómina?
What's your name? (formal)
Va nómina isch
My name is
enchanted (pleased to meet you)
¿Qet sint las quantas?
What time is it?
C'e viensa þora
It's one o'clock
C'e midziua
It's noon
C'e doua þoras es quart
It's two and a quarter
C'e tres þoras es zemi
It's three thirty
C'e qátor þoras míus quart
It's a quarter to four
C'e simca þoras simca
It's five-oh-five
C'e sex þoras míus bísquinc
It's ten to six
va voltigeir isch pien d'anguiglhas
my hovercraft is full of eels
sa viva Talossa
long live Talossa