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أخَّر (عَن)
he/it made [s/o] late (for) [an appt..]; he/it held up [the group..]; he/it caused [the bus, group..] to be late
he assured him [that he was going to do s/th, s/th was going to happen]; he confirmed [the reservation, appt..] for him
أَكَّد عَلى
he confirmed [the reservation, appt, class..]; he confirmed with [s/o][that he was going to do s/th]
he did the call to Islamic prayer, sounded the call to prayer
he/it gave [s/o] hope, made [s/o] hopeful
أَيَّد (بِ)
he supported [s/o] (in) [his opinion, decision..]; he endorsed, backed [s/o,s/th] *in a political position or cause
he furnished, put furnishings in [the appt, house, office..]
he composed, wrote, authored [a song, book, poem..]
he disciplined [a child, family member]; he brought disciplinary action against [s/o]
أَثَّر عَلى/أَثَّر بِ "س"
it/he affected, impacted, touched [s/o]; it affected [s/th]
he postponed, delayed [s/th], he put [s/th] off; he suspended [the jail sentence..]; he suspended [the match..]
he provided for [his family, wife, children..]; he kept [his family, home, the money] safe
أَمَّن عَلى
he got insurance for [his house, car, company..]; he got [life] insurance
أَمَّنُه عَلى
he entrusted him with [the money, his family, a secret..]
he established, founded [the company, the city..]; he gave [s/o] an educational foundation
أَشَّر لَ
he flagged down, hailed [s/o, a taxi..]; he signalled to [s/o]
أَشَّر عَلى
he pointed at [s/o,s/th]
أَدّى ل
[s/th] led to [s/th else]; [the road] led to [a cert. place] *always takes a noun after the "لَ"
he rented out [the house, appt..] (to) [s/o]