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خَرْبَط فِي/خَرْبَش فِي
he fumbled [his words]; he mixed up [the address, numbers, s/o's name..]; he messed up [the answer]; he messed up on [the test]
خَرْبَش (عَلى)
he scribbled, scribbled [s/th] (on) [s/th]
طَقْطَق *
he cracked, popped [his knuckles, back, neck..] *Arabs say fingers instead of knuckles
he turned [s/o,s/th] upside down, flipped [s/o,s/th] over *not for kitchen items; he turned [the shirt, bag..] inside out
تَلْفَن لَ
he called [s/o] on the phone
تَرْجَم (ل)
he translated [the word, sentence, document..] (for) [s/o]
بَحْلَق فِي/بِ *
he stared at [s/o,s/th]
فَضْفَض ل
he opened up to [s/o]
زَحْلَق (مِن) *
he made [s/o] slip; it was slippery; he got [s/o] (out of) [his house, office..]
he programmed [the computer, cell phone, satellite, TV..]; he made [himself] get used to [s/th, doing s/th]
فَرْكَش (بِ)
he tripped [s/o] up (with) [his feet..]; he was the reason we didn't go to,on [the party, trip..]
بَهْدَل (عَلى)
he chewed [s/o] out (for) [s/th]
وَشْوَش (عَن)
he whispered, whispered to [s/o] *preposition "ل" may be used
he made a high-pitched noise with his tongue *unique high-pitched sound Arab women make to celebrate
فَلْوَز (مِن)
he caught, got the flu (from) [s/o,s/th]
عَرْبَن (عَلى)
he put money down, put down a deposit (on) [a car, house..]
he went hysterical, flipped out
فَرْوَد (ل)
he forwarded [the email] (to) [s/o]
he wrinkled [his shirt..]; he crumpled up, balled up [a piece of paper..]
بَرْهَن (ل)
he explained, tried to prove (to) [him][that he was innocent..] *when s/o is asked to show he did or didn't do s/th
سَيْطَر عَلى
he controlled [s/o,s/th]