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قارَن (مَع) {بَيْن}
he compared [s/o,s/th] (with) [s/o,s/th]; he compared {betw.} [2 things]
he punished [s/o] (for) [s/th, doing s/th]
he half-heartedly went along w/ [s/o] *agreed w/ s/o's idea,plan b/c didn't want to hurt his feelings..
he treated [s/o] [well, badly..]
he went to work, worked; he went to school, had class *school or university
واجَه (بِ/فِي)
he faced up to [s/th]; he confronted [s/o], confronted [s/o] (about) [s/th]; he faced [an object]
دافَع عَن
he defended [s/o, his idea..] *verbally, physically, legally, militarily
نافَس (عَلى/بِ)
he competed against [s/o] (for) [s/th]
ناقَش (فِي/بِ)
he discussed, talked about, debated [a subject, story..]
سافَر (عَلى)
he travelled (to) [America, Egypt..] *only for international travel
جامَل (عَلى)
he complimented, flattered [s/o] * may be flattery for selfish reason or a sincere compliment
جادَل (فِي/بِ)
he argued with [s/o] (about) [s/th]
وافَق (عَلى) *
he agreed with [s/o]; he agreed (with) [s/th]; he approved (of) [s/o] *acceptance into a new company or a family by marriage proposal
he noticed [s/th]
he kept up with, followed [the news, show, sports team..]; he followed up on [s/o's work, s/th]
قابَل (عَشان) *
he met [s/o]; he met with [s/o]; he interviewed [s/o] (for) [the job, show..]
he treated [s/o, the problem..]; he nursed [s/o] back to health; he handled [s/o, the situation]
سامَح (عَلى)
he forgave [s/o] (for) [s/th]
جاوَب عَلى
he answered [the question, phone, email, text..]
he tried, attempted [to do s/th] *almost always followed by another verb
ساعَد (بِ/فِي/عَلى)
he helped [s/o], gave [s/o] a hand (with) [s/th]