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104.2 Maintain the Integrity of Filesystems

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This command is used to estimate file space usage
du -c
Use this flag with du to produce a grant total
du -h
Use this flag for human readable output with du
du -b
Use this flag to display output in Bytes
du --max-depth
Print the total for a directory on if it is N or fewer levels below the command line arguement
Obtains file system information. xfs_info does the same thing but for ifs file systems
Displays the filesystem usage, but not a breakdwon within the file system
Create an EXT2/3/4 filesystem
Allows you to change the file system parameters such as: maximum mount count, time between checks, add a journal, set desire reserve blocks, obtain file system level. FILE SYSTEM CANNOT BE MOUNTED
Checks and repairs filesystems
fsck -A
Walks through the /etc/fstab file and try to check all file systems
fsck -a
Option to use fsk to automatically repair all errors
fsck -C
Option to use for displaying completion/progress for fsck
fsck -N
Do not execute fsck, just show what would be done
Interactively modify a file system. Features: program provides abilities of tune2fs and dump2fs use this to undelete a file if needed. Do not use on a mounted file system.