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101.3 Change Runlevels and Shutdown or Reboo

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Run level and default run level configuration is set by the contents of this file on sysvinit systems. Also serves as a pointer to systemd start configuration in /lib/system/system/ <target name>.target
Can be used to power off the machine, but can notify users before doing so for a set period of time
shutdown -k
send warning of impending shutdown but do not shutdown
shutdown -r
reboot after shutdown
shutdown -h
halt or power off the system
shutdown -P
half action to turn off power
shutdown -f
skip fsck on next boot
shutdown -F
force fsck on next boot
shutdown -c
cancel a waiting shutdown
shutdown -t
tell init to wait XX seconds before shutting down
can be used to change run level and shutdown a machine also the last process run in the boot process
[Runlevels] Used to shift the system from one state to another, used to shut down and will power off the system
[Runlevels] Single-user mode.
[Runlevels] On Debian and its derivatives, it’s a full multi-user mode with X running and a graphical login. On all other distributions, the run level is undefined.
[Runlevels] On Fedora, Mandriva, Red Hat and most others, it's a full multi-user mode with console (non-graphical) login
[Runlevels] Usually undefined by default
[Runlevels] On Fedora, Mandriva, Red Hat and most others it's the x system (graphical login)
[Runlevels] Used to reboot the system.