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103.1 Work on the Command Line

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Utility to read a source configuration file and maintain a group of files or programs (often used to compile source code and install the binaries once complete)
Shows your current session enviornment variables
Print the path of the current working directory
An 'sh compatible' command language shell interpreter that executes commands read from the standard input or from a file
Prints system information
uname -n
Node name
uname -s
Kernal name
uname -v
Kernel version
uname -r
Kernel release
uname -m
Machine/cpu information
uname -p
Processor information
uname -i
Hardware information
uname -o
Operating syustem name
uname -a
Print all information [uname]
Used to set an enviornment variable
Used to remove an enviornment variable
man cmd
Command to show the manual page for a command