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in which verres lies on a prostitute in fancy-dres

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Cleomenes goes out of the harbour in a quadrireme from Centuripe;
egreditur in Centuripina quadriremi Cleomenes e portu;
there follows ships from Segesta, Tyndaris, Herbita, Heraclia, Apollonia, and from Haluntium;
sequitur Segestana navis, Tynaritana, Herbitensis, Heracliensis, Apolloniensis, Haluntina
in appearance it was a first-class fleet
praeclara classis in speciem,
but it was poor and weak on account of the dismissal of the fighting men and the rowers
sed inops et infirma propter dimissionem propugnatorum atque remigium
That hard-working praetor saw the fleet during the period of his command
tam diu in imperio suo classem iste praetor diligens vidit
for (exactly) as long as it sailed past his most disgraceful banquet
quam diu convivium eius flagitiosissimum praetervecta est
he, however, who hadn't been seen for many days
ipse autem, qui visus multis diebus non esset,
presented himself briefly into the sight of the sailors
tum se tamen in conspectum nautis paulisper dedit
he stood there on the shore, the praetor of the Roman people, wearing sandals with a purple cloak and a tunic that came down to his ankles, leaning on a prostitute
stetit soleatus praetor populi Romani cum pallio purpureo tunica talari muliercula nixus in litore
And very many Sicilians and Roman citizens had already often seen that fellow in this clothing
iam hoc istum vestitu Siculi civesque Romani permulti saepe viderant
Afterwards, the fleet sailed forward a little and finally, on the fifth day, came into Pachynus
posteaquam paulum provecta classis est et Pachynum quinto die denique adpulsa
Driven by hunger, the sailors began to collect the roots of wild palms
nautae coacti fame radices palmarum agrestium
of which there was a great number in those places, just as there is in a great part of SIcily
quarum erat in illis locis, sicuti in magna parte Siciliae, multitudo
and these poor desperate fellows kept themselves alive on them.
colligebant et iis miseri perditique alebantur
Cleomenes however, who imagined himself to be another Verres, both in excess and vice and even in authority
Cleomenes autem, qui alterum se Verrem cum luxurie ac nequitia tum etiam imperio putaret
in a similar fashion drank heavily for whole days at a time in a tent put up on the shore
similiter totos dies in litore tabernaculo posito perpotabat
Now, suddenly it was reported to Cleomenes, who was drunk whilst everybody else was starving, that there were pirate ships in the harbour of Odysseae
ecce autem repente ebrio Cleomene esurentibus ceteris nuntiatur piratarum esse navis in portu Odysseae
for that place is so called; and our own fleet was in the harbour at Pachynus
nam ita is locus nominatur; nostra autem classis erat in portu Pachyni
Cleomenes however, because there was a land-based garrisson (not in reality but in name only),
Cleomenes autem, quod erat terrestre praesidium non re sed nomine
hoped that he would be able to fill up the number of sailors and rowers with those soldiers whom he had taken from that place
speravit iis militibus quos ex eo loco deduxisset explere se numerum nautarum et remigium posse
The same reasoning of that very greedy fellow was found in the land-based troops as well as in the fleet
reperta est eadem istius hominis avarissimi ratio in praesidiis quae in classibus
for there were very few remaining; the rest of them had been dismissed.
nam erant perpauci reliqui, ceteri dimissi