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in which verres is a lying liar who lies

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That fellow went out immediately from the praetorium, inflamed by wickedness, madness, and cruelty
procedit iste repente e praetorio inflammatus scelere furore crudelitate;
He comes into the forum; he orders the captains to be summoned. And they, because they feared nothing, expected nothing, immediately come running.
in forum venit, nauarchos vocari iubet. qui nihil metuerent, nihil suspicarentur, statim accurrunt
That fellow orders chains to be put on one poor innocent man
iste hominibus miseris innocentibus inici catenas imperat
They evoked their trust in the praetor and they asked why he was doing that thing.
implorare illi fidem praetoris, et quare id faceret rogare
Then that fellow said that this was the reason: because they had betrayed the fleet to the pirates.
tum iste hoc causae dicit, quod classem praedonibus prodidissent
there was an uproar and amazement of the people that there was so much shamelessness and boldness in the fellow
fit clamor et admiratio populi tantam esse in homine impudentiam atque audaciam
that he should either attribute to other people the cause of the disaster, all of which had happened because of his own greed
ut aut aliis causam calamitatis attribueret quae omnis propter avaritiam ipsius accidisset
or since he himself was thought to be an ally of the pirates, he should bring the charge of treachery against others
aut, cum ipse praedonum socius arbitraretur, aliis proditionis crimen inferret
lastly that this change originated on the 15th day after the fleet was lost.
deinde hoc quinto decimo die crimen esse natum postquam classis est amissa.