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in which verres is only one evil of many

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The condemned men were shut into prison
includuntur in carcerem condemnati
a punishment was decided for them, and punishment was exacted from the unhappy parents of the ships' captain
supplicium constituitur in illos, sumitur de miseris parentibus nauarchorum
They were prohibited from going to their sons, and they were forbidden to take food and clothing to their children.
prohibentur adire ad filios, prohibentur liberis suis cibum vestitumque ferre
These fathers whom you see were lying on the threshold
patres hi quos videtis iacebant in limine
and the unhappy mothers used to spend the night at the entrance to the prison shut away from the last sight of their children
matresque miserae pernoctabant ad ostium carceris ab extremo conspectu liberum exclusae
and they begged for nothing except to be allowed to receive with their mouth the dying breath of their sons
quae nihil aliud orabant nisi ut filiorum suorum postremum spiritum ore excipere liceret
There was present the door-keeper of the prison, the praetor's executioner, the death and terror of our allies and of Roman citizens, the lictor Sextius
aderat ianitor carceris, carnifex praetoris, mors terrorque sociorum et civium Romanorum, lictor Sextius
for whom there was a guaranteed profit for every groan and every pang of pain
cui ex omni gemitu doloreque certa merces comparabatur
"In order to approach, you will give me so much. So that you will be permitted to bring food inside, so much."
'ut adeas, tantum dabis, ut cibum tibi intro ferre liceat, tantum.'
Nobody refused. "What will you give me to bring death to your son with one blow of the axe?
nemo recusabat. 'quid? ut uno ictu securis adferam mortem filio tuo, quid dabis?
So that he will not be tortured for a long time, so that he will not be hit more than once, so that his spirit may be taken away without any sense of pain?"
ne diu crucietur, ne saepius feriatur, ne cum sensu doloris aliquot spiritus auferatur?'
even for this reason money was given to the lictor
etiam ob hanc causam pecunia lictori dabatur