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in which verres is wrong, and vehemently so

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What great and intolerable grief! What hard and bitter fortune!
o magnum atque intolerandum dolorem! o gravem acerbamque fortunam!
The parents were compelled to buy for a price, not the life of their childeren, but the speed of death.
non vitam liberum, sed mortis celeritatem pretio redimere cogebantur parentes
And even the young men themselves spoke with their own 'dear' Sextius about the blow and that one stroke
atque ipsi etiam adulescentes cum Sextio suo de plaga et de uno illo ictu loquebantur
and that was the last thing the children asked their parents for, that money might be given to the lictor for the sake of lightening their suffering
idque postremum parentes suos liberi orabant, ut levandi cruciatus sui causa lictori praemia daretur
Many grievous pains were found for the parents and for the relatives - many!
multi et graves dolores inventi parentibus et propinquis, multi
However, let death be the last one. It won't be.
verum tamen mors sit extremum. non erit.
Is there any level beyond which cruelty could proceed?
estne aliquid ultra quo crudelitas progredi possit?
It will be found; for their bodies, when they had been struck and killed by the axe, will be thrown to the wild beasts.
reperietur; nam illorum, cum erunt secure percussi ac necati, corpora feris obicientur
If this thing is pitiful to the parents, let them purchase for a price the permission to bury them
hoc si luctuosum est parentibus, redimant pretio sepeliendi potestatem
Who at that time was so iron-hearted, who was so inhuman except you alone, who wasn't moved by their age, by their dignified behaviour, by their misery?
quis tam fuit illo tempore ferreus, quis tam inhumanus praeter unum te, qui non illorum aetate nobilitate miseria commoveretur?
And was there anybody who did not weep, who did not consider that calamity of theirs to be that he thought that their fortune to be not somebody else's calamity, but a danger that was common to everybody?
equis fuit quin lacrimaret, quin ita calamitatem illam putaret illorum et fortunam tamen non alienam, periculum autem commune arbitraretur?
They were struck by the axe.
feriuntur securi
You rejoiced in everybody else's weeping and you were triumphant
laetaris tu in omnium gemitu et triumphas;
you rejoiced that the witnesses to your greed were taken out of the way
testes avaritiae tuae gaudes esse sublatos
You were wrng, Verres, and you were very seriously wrong
errabas,Verres, et vehementer errabas
when you thought that you were washing out the stains of your theft and your crimes by the blood of innocent allies.
cum te maculas furtorum et flagitiorum tuorum sociorum innocentium sanguine eluere arbitrabare