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Aricia received me with moderate hospitality when I had set out from great Rome
egressum magna me accepit Aricia Roma hospitio modico
My companion was the rhetor Heliodirus, by far the most learned of the Greeks;
rhetor comes Helidorus, Graecorum longe doctissimus;
from there we went to Forum Appii, which was packed full of sailors and stingy innkeepers
inde Forum Appi differtum nautis cauponibus atque malignis.
We lazily split up this state of the journey: it's one stage for those who hitch their clothes higher than us.
hoc iter ignavi divisimus, altius ac nos praecinctis unum
the Appian Way is less trying for those who are slow
minus est gravis Appia tardis.
Here I declare war on my stomach, because of the water, which was terrible,
hic ego propter aquam, quod erat deterrima, ventri indico bellum,
waiting for my companion who was having dinner, not with an easy spirit
cenantis haud animo aequo exspectans comites.