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now night was preparing to spread shadows over the lands and to scatter the stars in the sky
iam nox inducere terris umbras et caelo diffundere signa parabat:
then the slaves heaped abuse on the sailors, and the sailors heaped abuse on the slaves
tum pueri nautis, pueris convicia nautae ingerere:
"Put it into land over here," "You've already packed in 300. Oi, that's enough now!"
"huc adpelle" "trecentos inseris; ohe, iam satis est"
while the money was being collected, while the mule is being tied up, the whole hour is lost
dum aes exigutur, dum mula ligatur, tota abit hora.
evil gnats and frogs of the marshes drive away sleep;
mali culices ranaeque palustres avertunt somnos;
while a sailor, drunk on much bad wine, and a traveller sing about an absent girlfriend in competition
absentem cantat amicam multa prolutus vappa nauta atque viator certatim;
at last the tired traveller begins to sleep
tandem fessus dormire viator incipit
and the lazy sailor ties the reins of the mule which has been sent to graze to a rock and snores lying on his back
ac missae pastum retinacula mulae nauta piger saxo stertitque supinus.
And now the day was here, when we realise that the boat wasn't going forward,
iamque dies aderat, nil cum procedere lintem sentimus
until some heat-headed person leaps up and hits the head and the backside of the mule and the sailor with a stick of willow
donec cerebrosus prosilit unus ac mulae nautaeque caput lumbosque saligno fuste dolat:
and scarcely even then, we are landed at the 4th hour
quarta vix demum exponimur hora