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we washed our hands and faces with your water, O Feronia
ora manusque tua lavimus, Feronia, lympha.
Then, after having breakfast, we crawled for 3 hours and came up to Anxur which is placed atop rocks that shine far and wide.
milia tum pransi tria repimus atque subimus inpositum saxis late candentibus Anxur.
The excellent Maecaenas and Cocceius were about to come to this place
huc venturus erat Maecenas optimus atque Cocceius
both of them send about great matters
missi magnis de rebus uterque legati
ambassadors who were used to reconciling friends who'd fallen out
aversos soliti conponere amicos
Here I, bleary-eyed, smeared black ointment onto my eyes.
hic oculis ego nigra meis collyria lippus inlinere
Meanwhile Maecenas arrived and Cocceius, and at the same time Fonteius Capito
interea Maecenas advenit atque Cocceius Capitoque simul Fonteius
a gentlemen to his fingertipes, so much so that no one is a better friend of Anthony.
ad unguem factus homo, Antoni, non ut magis alter, amicus