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the next day's light dawned by far the most joyful
postera lux oritur multo gratissima
for Plotius and Varius and Virgil ran into us at Sinuessa.
namque Plotius et Varius Sinuessae Vergiliusque occurrunt
Oh, what embraces and how much joy there was!
o qui conplexus et gaudia quanta fuerunt
There is nothing that I would compare, while in my right mind, to a delightful friend.
nil ego contulerim iucundo sanus amico.
The lodge, which was next to the Campanian bridge
proxima Campano ponti quae villula,
provided a roof and the government officials provided the logs and the salt which they are obliged to provide.
tectum praebuit et parochi, quae debent, ligna salemque.
Then at Capua the mules put down their burdens in good time
hinc muli Capuae clitellas tempore ponunt
Maecenas goes to play a game, but I and Virgil went to sleep
lusum it Maecenas, dormitum ego Vergiliusque;
for it is bad to play with a ball for people who have sore eyes and upset stomachs
namque pila lippis inimicum et ludere crudis.
From here, the very well-stocked villa of Cocceius received us, which is placed above the inns of Caudius
hinc nos Coccei recipit plenissima villa, quae super est Caudi cauponas