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From here we made straight for Beneventum, where our attentive host was almost burnt to death while he was turning skinny thrushes on the fire
tendimus hinc recta Beneventum, ubi sedulus hospes paene macros arsit dum turdos versat in igni
for as Vulcan slipped through the old kitchen, the roving flame rushed to lick the top of the roof
nam vaga per veterem dilapso flamma culinam Volcano summum properabat lambere tectum
Then you would have seen the hungry guests and the frightened slaves snatching up the dinner, and all of them trying to put out the flames
convivas avidos cenam servosque timentis tum rapere atque omnis restinguere velle videres
From that point Apulia begins to show to me familiar mountains
incipit ex illo montis Apulia notos ostentare mihi
which the Atabulus scorches and which we would never have crawled over,
quos torret Atabulus et quos nunquam erepsemus,
even if the villa near Trivicium had not received us, not without eye-watering smoke,
nisi nos vicina Trivici villa recepisset lacrimoso non sine fumo,
as the furnace was burning damp branches with leaves
udos cum foliis ramos urente camino