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from here we are whisked away for 24 miles by carriages
quattuor hinc rapimur viginti et milia raedis
in order to stay in a little town, which it is not possible to say in verse, but it is very easy to name it with signs:
mansuri oppidulo, quod versu dicere non est, signis perfacile est
here water, the cheapest of things, is on sale,
venit vilissima rerum hic aqua
but the bread is by far the best
sed panis longe pulcherrimus,
so that the experienced traveller is accustomed to carry it on his shoulders further
ultra callidus ut soleat umeris portare viator
for the bread at Canusium is gritty
nam Canusi lapidosus,
At this point Varius goes away while his friends weep.
flentibus hinc Varius discedit maestus amicis