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From there we came tired to Rubi,
inde Rubos fessi pervenimus,
since we had been making a long journey, and one made worse by the rain.
utpote longum carpentes iter et factum corruptius imbri.
the next day's weather was better - the road, worse, right up to the walls of fishy Barium
postera tempestas melior, via peior ad usque Bari moenia piscosi
then Gnatia, which was built where the water goddesses were angry, gave us laughter and jollity
dein Gnatia Lymphis iratis exstructa dedit risusque iocosque,
while the town wishes to persuade people that on the sacred threshold incense liquifies without a flame.
dum flamma sine tura liquescere limine sacro persuadere cupit.
Brandisium is the end of a long poem and a long journey.
Brundisium longae finis chartaeque viaeque est.