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t8ni alosaan?
where have you been?
n8dossa kpiwi
I've been in the woods
nda, spiwi nizwia
no, with my spouse
n'wig8dam ali kizi sigwaniwi
I'm happy its already spring
abaziak m8ja wanibagowal
the trees are getting their leaves
kagwi lla
what's up
nda kagwi n8damiwi
not anything much
kagwsa lalokak
what are they doing
they are resting
aiag8 agakimzia
I must study
akwiga madw8zi
do not complain
kas8mkipoda ato nikw8bi
what time is it now
it is early
kiziba mili pilaskol?
could you give me the papers?
kwinnata spikiwi
it is quite late