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channa na pm8wzowinno, nd'achwi klol8
stop that man, I must speak to him
kagwi kwilawatoan?
what are you looking for?
n'kw8z8lo na san8ba, n'zakp8wlok
I am running away from that man, I am afraid of him
n'bamaldamenba n8ji n'namih8n n'dos
I would prefer to go see my daughter
kd'achwi agakimziba!
we must study!
wanibagol askaskwigenol
the leaves are green
mkwigen w'maksam
his blanket is red
w'sizgoal wl8wigenol
his/her eyes are blue
wiz8wigen n'm8dlat
my coat is yellow
mkazawigenol k'mezenal
your shoes are black
w8bigen w'pitk8zon (wobaks)
his/her dress in white (shirt)
wibgwigenol n'medasal
my socks are grey
min8bowigenol pskwassaw8nal
the flowers are purple
very ancient ones
I believe
kzabda pamgisgak
it is hot today
kwinnatta sogl8n wl8gwiga
he is fine
kwinnatta kinlomsen achi
very strong wind also
asokwadob chakwa
it was cloudy this morning
kd'elaldamoba naniji pson
do you think it will soon snow