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Kaffið er heitt
The coffee is hot
Hatta er kaffið hjá Óla
That is Óli’s coffee
Hatta er ikki ølin hjá Óla
That is not Óli’s beer
Eg gevi Óla kaffið
I give Óli the coffee
Ølin er køld
The beer is cold
Hatta er ølin hjá Elin
That is Elin’s beer
Eg gevi Elin ølina
I give Elin the beer
Vit geva henni ølina
We give her the beer
Vínið er lekkurt
The wine is delicious
Hatta er vínið hjá Óla
That is Óli’s wine
Eg gevi vínið til Óla
I give the wine to Óli
Vit geva teimum vínið
We give them the wine