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Hann gevur Óla tað
He gives it to Óli
Hon gevur honum tað
She gives it to him
Tað er ikki Ólasa kaffi
It is not Óli’s coffee
Eg gevi ikki Óla kaffið
I don't give the coffee to Óli
Tað er ikki Elinsa øl
It is not Elin's beer
Tað er ikki mítt vín
It is not my wine
Eg gevi ikki Elin ølina
I don't give the beer to Elin
Eg vil geva honum tað
I want to give it to him
Eg skuldi givið henni tað
I should give it to her
Hon má geva mær vínið
She must give the wine to me
Hvørjum gevi eg tað?
Who do I give it to?
Hvør gav mær tað?
Who gave it to me?
Hann má geva henni ølina
He must give the beer to her
Tú mást geva mær kaffið
You must give the coffee to me