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I should have done my homework last night
어젯밤에 숙제할걸
What should I give her ?
그녀에게 뭘 줘야 하지?
You shouldn't do that to a girl
여자에게 그러면 안 돼
Maybe we should get started
슬슬 시작해야 할 것 같은데요
You should try to be more careful
좀 더 신중하도록 해
You should try to live what you believe
소신껏 살도록 해
You shouldn't drive so fast
과속하면 안 돼요
What should I wear to the party ?
파티에 뭘 입고 가야 하지?
You should try to take some time off
잠깐 좀 쉬도록 해
Maybe we should wait
기다려야 할 것 같은데요
I should have brought my lunch
점심 싸 올걸
You shouldn't go out without a coat
코트 안 입고 나가면 안 돼
What should I say ?
뭐라고 말해야 하지?
Maybe we should reconsider our decision
우리 결정을 다시 생각해 봐야 할 것 같은데요
You should try to explain your point of view
네 견해를 설명하려고 해봐
I should have asked your first
너한테 먼저 물어볼걸
I should have been a lawyer
변호사가 될 걸 그랬어
You shouldn't take him seriously
그 사람 말 심각하게 생각하지 말아요
Maybe we should get some professional help
전문가의 도움을 받아야 할 것 같은데요
You shouldn't feel that way
그렇게 생각하면 안 돼
What should I do ?
뭘 해야 하지?
I should have checked in advance
미리 확인할 걸
Maybe we should call a cab
택시를 불러야 할 것 같은데요
What should I bring with me ?
내가 뭘 가져가야 하지?
You should try to do your best
최선을 다하도록 해