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die Betreuung
the supervision, the assistance
to look after, to supervise
der Dichter
the poet
die Industrie
the industry
das Mittel
the medium, the mean
das Kommunikationsmittel
the communication medium
die Physik
the physics
der Physiklehrer
the physics teacher
der Präsident
the president
die Presse
the press
die Pressemeldung
the press report
die Recherche
the investigation
der Reporter
the reporter
die Rufnummer
the phone number
die Schrift
the writing
in Wort und Schrift
spoken and written
der Sozialarbeiter
the social worker
das Unternehmen
the company
der Unternehmer
the entrepreneur
der Wissenschaftler
the scientist
to accept, to suppose ((etwas_Akk))
to employ, to hire ((jmdn))
to transfer, to assign, to broadcast
to publish, to release
so far, until now ((b.))
der Abschnitt
the section, the paragraph
der Fleck
the spot (on clothes)
to wear, to have something on ((a.))