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die Bürgerinitiative
the citizens' initiative
der Bundeskanzler
the Chancellor
die Demokratie
the democracy
die Demonstration
the demonstration
die Forschung
the research
der Frieden
the peace
die Gebühr
the fee, the charge
das Kraftwerk
the power plant
die Mehrheit
the majority
die Minderheit
the minority
der Minister
the Minister
der Nationalfeiertag
the national holiday
die Opposition
the opposition
das Parlament
the parliament
die Partei
the party
der Protest
the protest
die Regierung
the government
der Schutz
the protection ((s.))
der Skandal
the scandal
der Vertreter
the representative
das Volk
the people
die Wahl
the choice, the election
to introduce, to establish, to impose
to act, to trade, to deal
to govern, to rule
to prohibit, to frustrate, to prevent
nähern sich
to get close with so to speak
freie Wahlen
free elections
die Geschwindigkeit
the speed
die Geschwindigkeitsbeschränkung
the speed restriction
der Rentner
the retiree, the pensioner
die Rente
the pension for retiree
die Reportage
the reportage
die Ware
the product, the goods
to be, to behave ((b.))
to bloom (flowers)
to distinguish
to increase, to gain (e.g. weight)