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j'ai mangé
I ate
je mange
I eat
je vais manger
I am going to eat
j'ai fait
I did
je fais
I do
je vais faire
I am going to do
je suis allé(e)
I went
je vais
I go
je vais aller
I am going to go
j'ai choisi
I chose
je choisis
I choose
je vais choisir
I am going to choose
il a bu
he drank
nous allons jouer
we are going to play
nous sommes arrivés
we arrived
tu aimes
you like
nous allons
we go
elle veut
she wants
il va decider
he is going to decide
il a decidé
he decided
tu va aimer
you are going to like
tu as aimé
you liked
elle a voulu
she liked
nous allons aller
we are going to go
il va aller
he is going to go
elle va vouloir
she is going to want
nous avons bu
we drank