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Die Casting
is a very important industrial process used for many different types of products.
is used to produce long, but fairly thin products such as pipes or curtain tracks. Both plastics and metal can be extruded. The material is forced through a die, which contains a hole which is the same shape as the required product.
Injection moulding
A metal mould is used and softened or molten plastic is forced into the mould by pressure from a screw thread or pneumatic plunger. The mould is made in two parts to allow the moulding to be removed.
Thermoplastics cannot be bent when cold. They are bent using a strip heater or line bender which will heat the plastic in a straight line, so it can be bent by hand.
Press or compression moulding
A mould is made in two halves. Sheet plastic is placed between the two halves, which are then heated and pressure applied, enabling the plastics to assume the new shape.