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die Landwirtschaft
agriculture, farming (no plural)
die Existenzsicherung
safeguarding of one’s livelihood (no plural)
das Windrad, -"er
windmill, wind turbine
die Stromerzeugung
generation of electricity, power production (no plural)
die Solarzelle, -n
solar cell (produces electricity)
der Sonnenkollektor, -en
solar panel (produces heat)
der Raps
rapeseed/oilseed rape (no plural)
die Gülle
liquid manure (no plural)
to convert, alter
das Kuheuter, -
given off, generated
die Holzhackschnitzel-Anlage, -n
wood-chip heating system
das Abfallholz
waste wood (no plural)
der Ackerbau
arable farming (no plural)