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the outback
the ​areas of ​Australia that are ​far away from ​towns and ​cities, ​especially the ​desert ​areas in ​central ​Australia
the hard way
a way of doing something that makes it more ​difficult than it ​needs to be
a ​person who comes from the ​east of a ​country, ​especially the US
invented and not ​true or not ​existing
detention centre
a ​place where ​people who have ​entered a ​country without the ​necessary ​documents can be ​kept for ​short ​periods of ​time
dress up
to put on formal clothes for a special occasion
When you refer to people's ???, you ​mean ​their ​parents and/or ​their parent's ​country and ​social ​class
get behind sb/sth
to ​support somebody or something
a ​large ​number of ​people ​walking or in ​vehicles, all going in the same ​direction, usually as ​part of a ​public ​celebration of something
believing or ​imagining things that ​appear to be ​attractive or ​exciting, but are not ​real
mainly UK an ​officially ​organized ​plan or ​system
in the name of sb/sth
representing someone or something
from or ​belonging or ​relating to the ​state of Victoria
be on the right track
to be doing something in a way that will ​bring good ​results
pick sth up
to learn a new skill or language by practising it and not by being taught it
courtesy of someone
If you have something ???, they have allowed you to have it
to sleep for a short time, especially during the day
​cakes, ​especially those made in the ​French ​style
a substance used to make bread rise and to make beer and wine
a thick mixture of flour and liquid used to make foods such as bread or pastry