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how old are you?
quants anys tens?
how many brothers do you have?
quants germans tens?
which do you prefer?
quin prefereixes?
when do you have English classes?
quan tens classes d'anglès?
what kind of films do you like?
quin tipus de pel·lícula t'agrada?
where do you live?
on vius?
who's your favourite actor?
qui és el teu actor preferit?
why do you like him?
per què t'agrada ell?
it's six o'clock
són les 06:00
it's a quarter past six
són les 06:15
it's a quarter to seven
són les 06:45
it's ten past six
són les 06:10
it's five to seven
són les 06:55
it's half past six
són les 06:30
it's twenty-five to seven
són les 06:35
it's twenty past six
són les 06:20