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The indirect question
~을 테니까
as (I) intend/expect
as a result of/while/because of ~ing
~은/는/을 줄 알다
을 텐데
presumed-to-happen circumstance
~은/는/을 줄 모르다
don't know/didn't know
Past experiences
~게 하다
make someone/something
~은/는 거예요
The fact is...
~어/아 하다
Sign or symptom of having an internal feeling
어/아 보이다
someone/something appears/looks
Expressing change in momentum
Expressing the speaker's past experience
~어/아 죽겠다
...to death
~기도... 하다
sometimes... too
~어/아 버리다
do completely
~나 보다
It seems/I guess (verb)
~은 가 보다
It seems/I guess (adjective)
did... but
V1 or V2
Expressing hearsay
Expressing hearsay (copula)
If it were/is (noun)
아무 ~(이)나
any, free choice
~은 가요?
Is it (the case), like... (adjective)
Is it (the case), like... (verb)
~을 걸 (그랬어요)
Expressing regret
about to... but then...
any (question word)
~기 위해서
in order to
~는다는 소식
the news is...
Expressing new discovery
as soon as
~어/아야 할지 모르다
do not know... to
Expressing criticism/disapproval
~은/는 데도
despite the fact that...
(~(으)면)... ~을 수록
the more... the more...
~을 뻔하다
almost happened
I did... and then...
as much as I... (noun)
~을 만큼
as much as I... (verb)
~는 바람에
because, as a result of
[time length]만에
in [time length]
Confirming information
Confirming information (copula)
~을까 봐
for fear that...
~은/는/을 지 (생각하다)
wondering about
~었/았으면 하다
wish... ~ed
~마차... ~은/는/을 것 같다
As if