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Chapter 11 (Phrases)

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לָא־אִיתַי אֲנָשׁ עַל־יַבֶּשְׁתָּא
there is not a man upon the dry land
הֲלָא גֻבְרִין תְּלָתָא
Are there not three men?
הֲלָא דָא־הִיא בָּבֶל רַבְּתָא
Is this not the great Babylon?
כְּעַן הֵן אִיתֵיכוֹן עֲתִידִין
Now, if you are ready
וּכְעַן הֵן עַל־מַלְכָּא טָב
And now, if it is good to the king (or, “if it pleases the king”)
אֱדַיִן דִּנֵיּאל בָּרִךְ לֶאֱלָהּ שְׁמַיָּא
Then Daniel blessed the God of the heavens.
עַבְדֶיךְ אֱנָשׁ עֲבַר־נַהֲרָה וּכְעֶנֶת
your servants, men from beyond the river, and now
וּשְׁאָר עֲבַר־נַהֲרָה שְׁלָם וּכְעֶת
and the rest (of those) beyond the river, peace, and now