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smallest particle of an element which can exist
Substance that cannot be separated into simpler substances by chemical means. Made up of only one type of atom.
substance made of two or more elements chemically joined together
a particle of a substance made from two or more atoms that are strongly joined together
carbon atoms
the tiny particles which make up the non-metal element carbon
carbon dioxide
gas found in small amounts in the atmosphere which plants use to make food and which contributes to global warming
a colourless and odourless gas made from carbon and hydrogen
under what conditions are diamonds formed?
they are formed in the earth's mantle at very high temperatures and pressures
what are diamonds made of?
carbon atoms that have been pressed together under heat and pressure
how do diamonds come to the surface?
they are thrown out of volcanoes as part of magma
very small pieces of solid that settle at the bottom of a river or sea
sedimentary rock
rock made from sediments joined together in layers by pressure
metamorphic rock
formed by the action of intense heat and pressure on sedimentary or igneous rock
igneous rock
rock formed by the solidification of molten magma
larger crystals are formed in rocks that are cooled quicker or slower?
slower - as they have more time to form