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Procedures and functions

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A section of code that can be re-used.
What is a procedure?
A section of code that returns a value and can be re-used.
What is a function?
A function returns a value but a procedure doesn't.
What is the difference between a function and a procedure?
When you find yourself writing the same lines of code over and over.
When would you use a procedure or a function in your code?
Converts other data types into strings.
What does the built in function str() do?
Calculates the length of a string or list.
What does the built in function len() do?
Variables that are passed into a procedure or function.
What are parameters?
They let you customise a procedure or function so it can do more than one thing.
Why are parameters useful?
A value that is sent back when you call a function.
What is a return value?