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examples of small & medium venues
Pub, school stage, small theatre
advantages of small & medium size venues
Intimate atmosphere, close to audience, more accessible for local bands, caters for the community
disadvantages of small & medium size venues
Poor sound quality & technical facility, limited audience, less publicity/ promotion
examples of Large multi-use spaces
Sports’ Arena, West End Theatre, Outdoor festival
advantages of large multi-use spaces
Excellent sound & technical facilities, huge publicity & promotion, higher fee from tickets sold
disadvantages of large multi-use venues
You have to be already famous to perform at a large venue (less easily accessible), the cost of hiring a large venue, less intimate interaction with audience.
8 H&S and security concerns
1. Heating, lighting & ventilation 2. Electrical equipment safe 3. Toilets & drinking water clean 4. First Aid & Emergency exits in case of fire 5. Obstacles appropriately lit/indicated (i.e. stairs) 6. Adequate parking & parking arrangements 7. Flow of people in and out of venue 8. Secure ramps/stage scaffolding