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Major recording companies
Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group
advantages of major record companies
Money (huge financial advantage), promotion & connections, large size so best deals on manufacturing, advertising & links to media
disadvantages of major recording companies
Difficult to stand out in such a big pool of artists, artist unfriendly deals, more mass media driven than interested in your style of music
Independent recording companies
Southern Fried Records, Pickled Egg Records, Fat Cat Records
advantages of Independent record companies
Cater to the artist more, more artist-friendly contracts, close personal relationships
disadvantages of independent record companies
Lack of funds, less publicity & promotion, less organised because more informal, less contacts with media.
advantages of Major publishing companies
Distribution (increases sales), quality of design, marketing and promotion, payment
disadvantages of Major publishing companies
Usually need to go through an agent, harder to have music published when the company is large, more editing to your original work
advantages of self-publishing
Don’t need to go through an agent (you can send your work directly to them), you are more in control with the editing process, can be a stepping stone to a larger company, may cater to a specific genre that is different.
disadvantage of self-publishing
Less marketing & promotion, less pay, not the same possibilities of distribution of your work.
the action of promoting and selling a product
the movement of goods (CDs) from the source (record label) through a distribution channel (iTunes, HMV) right up to the customer
5 things marketing & distribution do
1. Advertise the product and introduce new music to fans 2. Connect with fans through video streams (i.e. publicity on YouTube) 3. Grow your sales 4. Target the appropriate audience 5. Promote your product via media (radio), online