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An organisation (or business) that provides a particular service on behalf of a business (PRS) or person (artist)
Royalty Collection Agencies
PRS (Performing Rights Society), MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society), PPL Licensing (Phonographic Performance Limited)
PRS (Performing Rights Society)
Licenses the composer’s copyright (royalties) for public performances of your songs (broadcast, live, recorded).
MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society)
Licenses the composer’s copyright (royalties) for sound recordings (i.e. CD, ringtone). It will be in physical format (i.e. digital).
PPL Licensing (Phonographic Performance Limited)
Licenses the right to perform sound recordings & collects royalties for record companies & performers on recordings.
Artists’ representation
Management, PR (Public Relations), Agent, Stylist
1. Help the artist/band create a style that reflects their music/genre and help them stand-out 2. Choose clothes, hair-style, and jewellery 3. Help artist create an image
PR (Public Relations)
1. Promote a new release or artist to the media 2. Liaise with labels and the media to get album reviews & profile of the band with interviews 3. Generate as much publicity as possible
1. Works on behalf the artist (band) to promote their career 2. Runs their business affairs 3. Secure the best work for their clients & best fee
Hire companies
Sound & lighting equipment, Rehearsal & studio space
Reasons why an artist would hire sound & lighting equipment
1.Technical expertise. 2. Quality of equipment 3. Engineer to take care of sound/lights so that the artist can focus on the music
Reasons why an artist would hire Rehearsal & studio space
1. To record a single with best quality equipment possible 2. Excellent acoustics for rehearsal 3. To perform to a small audience/ community event
Transport companies
1. Transport equipment when on tour 2. Roadie to carry equipment & install 3. Hire a sleeping coach for tour around the country
Trade Bodies
A trade body is an organisation founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry.