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Reaching for the Skies

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any one of the many small planets that go around the sun
a large hole in the top of a volcano | a large hole in the ground caused by the explosion of a bomb or by something large hitting it
pieces of wood, metal, brick, etc., that are left after something has been destroyed | pieces of material that are not wanted and trash that is left somewhere
a piece of rock from outer space that makes a bright line across the night sky as it burns up while falling through the earth's atmosphere
a curved path followed by a planet or an object as it moves around another planet, star, moon, etc.
outer space
the area outside the earth's atmosphere where all the other planets and stars are
powerful and very dangerous rays that are sent out from radioactive substances | heat, energy, etc. that is sent out in the form of rays
sending out harmful radiation caused when the nuclei (= central part) of atoms are broken up
a piece of equipment that artificially creates a particular set of conditions in order to train someone to deal with a situation that they may experience in reality
a vehicle that travels in space
space shuttle
a spacecraft designed to be used, for example, for traveling between the earth and a space station
having no weight or appearing to have no weight, for example because there is no gravity
connected with or caused by the force of gravity
that you cannot avoid or prevent | so frequent that you always expect it | (the ~) something that is certain to happen
achieving success very quickly | connected with meteors
(of animals and plants) living on the land or on the ground, rather than in water, in trees, or in the air | connected with the planet Earth | (of television and broadcasting systems) operating on Earth rather than from a satellite
if a machine, a vehicle, a place, or an activity is ~, it does not have or need a person to control or operate it
to get used to a new place, situation, or climate
to take control of an area or a country that is not your own, especially using force, and send people from your own country to live there | (of animals or plants) to live or grow in large numbers in a particular area
to move, drive, or push something forward or in a particular direction | to force someone to move in a particular direction or to get into a particular situation
to provide enough of what someone or something needs in order to live or exist | to make something continue for some time without becoming less
to experience something, especially a change or something unpleasant