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data relating to the population and different groups within it | a group of customers who are of a similar age, the same sex, etc.
the understanding that you have of a situation only after it has happened and that means you would have done things in a different way
a possible effect or result of an action or a decision
joint venture
a business project or activity that is begun by two or more companies, etc., which remain separate organizations
(in/of/on something) (business) the complete control of trade in particular goods or of the supply of a particular service; a type of goods or a service that is controlled in this way
an estimate or a statement of what figures, amounts, or events will be in the future, or what they were in the past, based on what is happening now
the process of growing old
connected with or belonging to a nation, race, or people that shares a cultural tradition | typical of a country or culture that is very different from modern Western culture and therefore interesting for people in Western countries
from or in another country, especially a tropical one; seeming exciting and unusual because it is connected with foreign countries
(about/of something) having doubts that a claim or statement is true or that something will happen
to control or have a lot of influence over someone or something, especially in an unpleasant way | to be the most important or noticeable feature of something | to be the largest, highest, or most obvious thing in a place
to become gradually less or smaller