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The Energy Crisis

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fuel made from plant or animal sources and used in engines
an animal or plant that has parents of different species or varieties
a machine or an engine that receives its power from a wheel that is turned by the pressure of water, air, or gas
extreme in a way that has a sudden, serious, or violent effect on something
able to be recharged
(of gas) not containing lead and therefore less harmful to the environment
wind turbine
a type of modern windmill used for producing electricity
to take in a liquid, gas, or other substance from the surface or space around | to make something smaller become part of something larger |
to use as little of something as possible so that it lasts a long time | to protect something and prevent it from being changed or destroyed
to change or make something change from one form, purpose, system, etc., to another
~ somebody/something WITH something: to reply to someone by trying to prove that what they said is not true | ~ something: to do something to reduce or prevent the bad effects of something (=counteract)
to reduce something by a large amount so that there is not enough left
~ somebody (FROM something): to give someone official permission to leave a place or job; to make somebody leave a job | ~ somebody: to allow someone to leave prison or court | when a gas or a liquid ~s or is ~ed, or someone ~s it, it flows somewhere
to send out something such as light, heat, sound, gas, etc.
to keep something; to continue to have something | to continue to hold or contain something