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the crime of deliberately setting fire to something, especially a building
the crime of entering a building illegally and stealing things from it
the crime of stealing money or goods from a bank, store, person, etc., especially using violence or threats
a person who has been found guilty of a crime and sent to prison
crime rate
the ratio of crimes in an area to the population of that area; expressed per 1000 population per year
a person who commits a crime
(to somebody/something) a thing that makes someone less likely to do something
a sum of money that must be paid as punishment for breaking a law or rule
the crime of cheating someone in order to get money or goods illegally | a person who pretends to have qualities, abilities, etc. that they do not really have in order to cheat other people
the action of putting someone in a prison or another place from which they cannot escape
life imprisonment
situation in which the convict is imprisoned for all his life
the unfair difference between groups of people in society, when some have more wealth, status, or opportunities than others
what you intend to do
something that affects a situation or people's lives in a way that they do not want | (into/on/upon something) the act of entering a place which is private or where you may not be wanted
a group of members of the public who listen to the facts of a case in a court and decide whether or not someone is guilty of a crime | a group of people who decide who is the winner of a competition
(for something) a reason for doing something
(against somebody/something) an illegal act (=crime)
~ somebody (of something) : to say that somebody has done something wrong or is guilty of something
the person in a trial who is accused of committing a crime, or who is being sued by another person
advice, especially given by older people or experts; a piece of advicea | lawyer or group of lawyers representing somebody in court
a person who steals money, etc. from other people's pockets, especially in crowded places
the act of stopping something bad from happening
property crime
a category of crime that involves the taking of property, and does not involve force or threat of force against a victim, including, among other crimes, burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, shoplifting, and vandalism.
the crime of stealing something from someone; an occasion when this takes place (=theft)
the process of trying to prove in court that somebody is guilty of a crime (= of prosecuting them); the process of being officially charged with a crime in court
a public official who charges someone officially with a crime and prosecutes them in court | a lawyer who leads the case against a defendant in court
showing a lack of care about risks or danger, and acting without thinking about the results of your actions:
the crime of taking, sending, or bringing goods secretly and illegally into or out of a country
social system
An organization of individuals into groups or structures that have different functions, characteristics, origin or status.
rude or offensive language
the accused
a person who is on trial for committing a crime
toxic waste
waste material that can cause death, injury or birth defects to living creatures. The term is often used interchangeably with “hazardous waste”, or discarded material that can pose a long-term risk to health or environment.
the crime of destroying or damaging something, especially public property, deliberately and for no good reason
an action that breaks a law, agreement, rule, etc. | an action that does not show respect for an important principle
associated with or caused by drugs, typically those obtained illegally.
cruel, severe, and unkind | very difficult and unpleasant to live in | too strong and bright; ugly or unpleasant to look at | unpleasant to listen to
not guilty of a crime, etc.; not having done something wrong | suffering harm or being killed because of a crime, war, etc. although not directly involved in it | having little experience of the world, especially of sexual matters, or of evil or unpleasant things (=naive)
done deliberately
obeying and respecting the law
on trial
being tried in a court of law.
petty crime
not very serious crime
(crime) ~ BY/WITH sth: that can be punished, especially by law
not done deliberately, but happening by accident
a ~ crime is one in which no one seems to suffer or be harmed
done on purpose rather than by accident | (of a movement or an action) done slowly and carefully
a formal examination of evidence in court by a judge and often a jury, to decide if someone accused of a crime is guilty or not
can't/couldn't ~ someone or something: to dislike someone or something so much that you hate having to be with or deal with them (=bear, stand)
to officially end a law, a system, or an institution
(~ something) to stop something unpleasant or harmful from happening or from getting worse | (~ somebody) (formal) to fight against an enemy
( ~ somebody FROM something/doing something) to make someone decide not to do something or continue doing something, especially by making them understand the difficulties and unpleasant results of their actions
to make sure that people obey a particular law or rule | ~ something (ON somebody): to make something happen or force someone to do something
to watch and check something over a period of time in order to see how it develops, so that you can make any necessary changes (=track)
to commit a crime or do something wrong or evil
to feel bitter or angry about something, especially because you feel it is unfair"
to introduce a new law, rule, tax, etc.; to order that a rule, punishment, etc. be used | (~ sth ON/UPON sth) to force someone or something to have to deal with something that is difficult or unpleasant
measures to combat crime
ways to stop crime from getting worse
the killing of a large number of people especially in a cruel way