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the state of being exact or correct; the ability to do something skillfully without making mistakes
an opinion or idea that is not based on definite knowledge and is formed by guessing | the forming of an opinion or idea that is not based on definite knowledge
the form of a language that is spoken in one area with grammar, words, and pronunciation that may be different from other forms of the same language
the action of pausing or hesitating before saying or doing something.
sign language
a system of communicating with people who cannot hear, by using hand movements rather than spoken words
(of people) unable to express yourself clearly, often because of emotion | (of sounds) not clear and hard to understand synonym | not logical or well organized
having a lot of experience of the world and knowing about fashion, culture, and other things that people think are socially important | (of a machine, system, etc.) advanced and complicated in the way that it works or is presented | (of a person) able to understand difficult or complicated ideas
lacking knowledge, experience of life, or good judgment, and willing to believe that people always tell you the truth | (of people and their behavior) innocent and simple | (of art) in a style which is deliberately very simple, often uses bright colors, and is similar to that produced by a child
not planned but done because you suddenly want to do it | often doing things without planning to, because you suddenly want to do them | happening naturally, without being made to happendone naturally, without being forced or practiced
to have a conversation with someone ( ~ + with sb)
to recognize the difference between two people or things | (not used in the progressive tenses) ( ~ FROM A to B) to be a characteristic that makes two people, animals, or things different | (not used in the progressive tenses) (~ something) to be able to see or hear something | (~ yourself as something) to do something so well that people notice and admire you
to come out of a dark or hidden place(of facts, ideas, etc.) to become known | to start to exist; to appear or become known | ( ~ FROM something) to survive a difficult situation or experience
to develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complicated form; to develop something in this way | (of plants, animals, etc.) to develop over time, often many generations, into forms that are better adapted to survive changes in their environment
to be a sign of something | to do something to make your feelings, intentions, etc. known | (usually used in questions or negative sentences) to be important or to matter
a decision that is made by a jury in court, stating if someone is considered guilty of a crime or not | a decision that you make or an opinion that you give about something, after you have tested it or considered it carefully
stammer, to have difficulty speaking because you cannot stop yourself from repeating the first sound of some words several times | (of a vehicle or an engine) to move or start with difficulty, making short sharp noises or movements