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the study of cultures of the past, and of periods of history, by examining the remains of buildings and objects found in the ground
the activity of digging in the ground to look for old buildings or objects that have been buried for a long time | a place where people are digging to look for old buildings or objects | the act of digging, especially with a machine
to dig in the ground to look for old buildings or objects that have been buried for a long time; to find something by digging in this way | to make a hole, etc. in the ground by digging
a period of 1,000 years, especially as calculated before or after the birth of Christ
arranged in the order in which they happened
following one after another in a series, without interruption
(especially of something unpleasant) likely to happen very soon
a feeling of sadness mixed with pleasure and affection when you think of happy times in the past
connected with the time in history before information was written down
happening or doing something at the arranged or correct time; not late
to gradually destroy the surface of something through the action of wind, rain, etc.; to be gradually destroyed in this way
to reach an opinion or decide that something is true on the basis of information that is available | to suggest indirectly that something is true (suy luận)
to be built or formed, or to happen, at an earlier date than something else in the past
to last all through a period of time or to cover the whole of it | to include a large area or a lot of things
happening or coming after something else